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  • Northwest Florida Home Owner And Community Association Services

    Community Associations require specialized services and EXIT Realty NFI Property Management is the answer to Northwest Florida community's needs.  Visit our Northwest Florida Home Owner And Community Association Services site for details and partner with us today.

    Community Association Management 

    • Condominium Associations
    • Homeowners Associations 
    • Gated Communities
    • Town home Associations 
    • Master Associations 
    • Mixed Associations (Commercial/Residential)



    • Maintain accounting records for each individual member
    • Provided accounting of correspondence for each owner
    • Maintain communication records for each owner
    • Attach rental proceeds of leased units of delinquent members
    • Work with attorneys to file liens and any legal actions to insure the associations interests are protected
    • If necessary, foreclosure on delinquent members and provide an income from the foreclosed properties to the association


    • Monthly financial statements sent to all Board Members consisting of:
    • Income Statement 
    • Trial Balance Sheet 
    • Monthly Transaction Sheet 
    • Balance Sheet
    • Aged Accounts Receivable
    • Accounting records forwarded to the association’s account in a timely manner
    • Assist the Board of Directors in creating annual budget


    • Provide a representative from our office for Association meetings.


    • Receive payments and give accounting of HOA assessments and deposit same in a timely manner
    • Payments are disbursed from the assessments for accounts payable. 


    • Insurance policies and bonds will be maintained
    • Advise Board of changes which could be made to policies in order to save the association money and still maintain the same coverage


    • Service properties in a professional manner by using reputable, licensed and insured contractors throughout the Pensacola, and Santa Rosa areas
    • Inspection of all work performed to ascertain any discrepancies prior to payment of contractors. Discrepancies will be reported to the Board along with recommendations.


    • Routine inspection of complex by a representative of our office
    • Daily inspections are enacted when contractors are performing work at the Association
    • Inspection reports transmitted to Board of Directors for review prior to violation letters being sent.


    • Repairs requiring a contractor will be placed out for bid.
    • Maintain records on all maintenance requests and service calls.


    • Enforcement of the Association’s documents and By-Laws in order to protect the Association’s interests