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  • Build a real estate career with EXIT Realty N.F.I.

    EXIT is truly re-inventing real estate

    EXIT Realty N.F.I. is hiring and training a select group of motivated Realtors. 
    If you are ready to build a real estate career with the best training and support, opportunity for a six figure income, or elevate your career to the next level.
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    If your objective is to build a rewarding lifetime career in real estate, you are interested in the best company to provide you that great career. So you look at the competition; all are unique and provide some interesting benefits and do provide most of what you need. 

    Then someone shows you the EXIT Formula.

    EXIT is truly re-inventing real estate

    EXIT Realty is looking to hire and train a select group of motivated Realtors.. If you are looking to build a career in real estate, or looking to take your existing career to the next level.

    At EXIT Realty
    You Can:

    • Make a six-figure income
    • Have a flexible schedule
    • Work in an energetic, team atmosphere
    • Work independently
    • Find the best free training and support (no previous experience necessary)

    In Order to Join Our Team,
    You Must:

    • Be willing and able to obtain a real estate license
    • Have a desire to work independently and have control over your professional growth
    • Have a strong work ethic and desire to be successful
    • Have excellent communication skills and ability to network to build your business

    As a Real Estate Agent,
    You Will Be:

    • Networking and prospecting, using EXIT’s proven systems and models
    • Showing properties and working with home buyers
    • Marketing properties and working with home sellers
    • Negotiating contracts

    10% Sponsoring Residuals

    When a salesperson is introduced to management and recruited into EXIT, each transaction that they close generates a bonus that's equivalent to 10% of the gross commissions earned by the recruit, payable to the individual who sponsored them into the company. The bonus is paid via EXIT's head office, and not subtracted from the new recruit's commissions. And it continues perpetually for as long as the new recruit stays with EXIT and generates sales.



    Should an "EXIT" salesperson decide to retire from selling real estate, a "pension plan" is created from the sponsoring bonuses that he or she has established. Also, the retiring salesperson retains the privilege of enhancing this pension plan while in retirement by continuing to sponsor salespeople into the company.



    The sponsoring bonuses you have created turn into a beneficiary residual providing added security for your family.

    With EXIT Residuals, you can potentially earn much more than 100%!

    The more people you sponsor into EXIT, the more you increase your residual income. EXIT Realty annually pays out many millions of dollars in residual bonus checks as a perpetual "thank you" for helping to build the company.

    And all this, with NO DESK FEES!

    Isn't it time you considered making the final business decision of your real estate career? Contact us today for detailed information on franchise and career opportunities with EXIT Realty. You'll be glad you did!

    Find out how EXIT Realty can help you take your business to the next level!

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    • Once the course is ordered, no refunds are permitted.
    • Upon registration, the student will be issued a password that will be valid for one year.  The course must be completed within one year after registration.
    • No additional textbook or materials are required to complete the course. Students are welcome to purchase optional study materials at our online bookstore.
    • The Final Practice Exams are timed for 3 hours and are self-grading.  Students may take these exams as often as desired.  They are NOT a requirement to complete the course. The Final Exam is also timed for 3 hours.  A score of 70% is required to pass the exam and to pass the course.
    • If the student fails the final exam, the student must wait at least 30 days (but before the 1-year password expires) before the student will be allowed to take another final exam.  The student will still able to access the course materials for studying if the first test is failed.  If the student fails the second final exam, the entire course must be repeated and the student must pay the full tuition fee again.
    • The course is entirely web-based and is not downloadable.  The student is encouraged to take his or her time with each section at his or her own pace, provided the course is completed within one year of registration.  All quizzes and tests are submitted and graded electronically and are not downloadable.
    • Every online student must agree to the following affidavit sworn statement:  "I certify that I personally have completed all assignments and have not duplicated any portion of the end of course examination."  This affidavit will be presented to the student prior to taking the final exam.  The student will have to select "yes" to the affidavit statement in order to take the test.
    • Upon passing the final exam, the student will be provided with a certificate of course completion (also known as a Course Report) which the student can print at home.  Alternatively, the student can request that a Course Report be mailed directly to the student's address.  The student must bring his or her course report to the state exam.
    • In order to take the state exam, the student must complete the online course and have his or her application approved by the Florida Division of Real Estate.  Students are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible and not wait until the online course is completed.  
    63-Hour Courses with Timed End-of-Course Exam
    This internet-based course meets the state’s requirements for the pre-license education needed to obtain a Sales Associate license. This course is offered in a Hybrid format which includes a LIVE WORKSHOP REVIEW VIA VIDEO. The Florida Real Estate Guide (matching textbook to the online course) is included with this course. Don't forget you can purchase our State Exam Prep Book through our Bookstore.

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    Course Options
    Chapter 1
    Introduction to the Real Estate Business
    1.0 Hours
    Chapter 2
    License Law and Qualifications
    2.5 Hours
    Chapter 3
    License Law and FREC Rules
    3.0 Hours
    Chapter 4
    Property Rights
    3.5 Hours
    Chapter 5
    Real Property Ownership
    3.5 Hours
    Chapter 6
    Legal Descriptions
    2.5 Hours
    Chapter 7
    Brokerage Activities
    3.5 Hours
    Chapter 8
    3.5 Hours
    Chapter 9
    The Real Estate Market
    2.5 Hours
    Chapter 10
    Product Knowledge
    No Longer Tested
    Chapter 11
    Real Estate Appraisal
    3.5 Hours
    Chapter 12
    Real Estate Investment
    2.0 Hours
    Chapter 13
    Real Estate Taxes
    3.0 Hours
    Chapter 14
    3.5 Hours
    Chapter 15
    Residential Real Estate Finance
    3.5 Hours
    Chapter 16
    Types and Sources of Mortgage Money
    2.5 Hours
    Chapter 17
    Real Estate Closing
    2.5 Hours
    Chapter 18
    Planning and Zoning
    2.5 Hours
    Chapter 19
    State and Federal Real Estate Laws
    3.0 Hours
    Chapter 20
    Violations, Penalties, and Procedures
    3.0 Hours
    Chapter 21
    Real Estate Math
    3.0 Hours
    Final Exam
    3.0 Hours